Roads & Ditches

Contact the Township before installing or replacing any drive culvert on a Township road.  Contact the State or County for their roads.

A written permit is required; there is no charge for the permit (form coming soon).

Minimum culvert diameter is 12 inches.

Larger diameter may be required in areas of high water flow.

Minimum culvert length is 20 feet.  30 ft is recommended.

The Township will determine whether a greater diameter is needed, and determines whether the ditch must be cleaned first. There is no charge to clean the ditch if needed.

After approval of the permit, the resident may install the culvert at his own expense or hire the Township to install it.

Culvert rates are $600.00 to replace a culvert. The resident must purchase his/her own culvert with a 30ft minimum length and 1ft in diameter, and a maximum of 10 tons of stone will be used. Scheduling will be done at the discretion of the Township.

The owner must supply the culvert.