New Lyme Township is Zoned for the protection of our residents.        

New Lyme OhioContact our new Zoning Inspector, Scott Ellsworth, at 440.636.3074, or scottells30 (at) gmail.com for a permit.

Most structures, including all homes, modular homes, house trailers, and garages require a Township permit.

A permit is required before commencing any construction or moving a trailer on to a site.

> New Lyme Township Zoning Resolution



New Lyme Township Zoning Board

  • Gus Saikaly
  • Ruth Manners
  • Rob Sitler
  • Joe Waid
  • Tim Wolf

New Lyme Township Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Roger Fetters
  • Vince Dean
  • William Edelman
  • Bill Marrison
  • Ben Bradbury